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Get personalized and specific biblical advice when you don't know what to do Proverbs 11:14, 12:15, 15:22

How It Works:

Schedule a Consult

You set aside a time dedicated to your problem and fill out a basic questionnaire

Communicate with a Biblical Counselor

We listen to everything you have to say with open ears and an open Bible

Get Individual Feedback

Get preliminary counsel at the end of your consult plus get a customized LifeHelp guide that you can refer back to. This guide will provide Scripture references and concrete action steps to help guide you along.

Benefits of WiseWord Biblical Counseling

∙ Get clarity about what do and/or how to decide ∙ Save time by having a counselor show you relevant Scriptures and help you to develop an action plan ∙ Save yourself the frustration of searching the Scriptures without that "Aha!" moment ∙ Gain insight into what the Bible says about God's will for your life ∙ Feel peace far away from the restlessness of uncertainty ∙ Secure the ear of a counselor who wants to listen and is eager to help ∙ Guarantee time to talk exclusively about your problem when your local elder is unavailable, is hard-to-reach or if you don't belong to a local church ∙ A personalized LifeHelp guide that you can continually refer back to, complete with Scripture references, and a "what-to-do-next" plan ∙ Retain the freedom to choose regardless of the counsel you receive ∙ WiseWord is suitable to be your first, second or third opinion ∙ And, if you just want to talk about it, we're here to listen

Common Questions WiseWord Answers

In this situation, what is God's will for my life? What am I called to do? Should I leave my secular job? What should I do: A or B? I feel sad and hopeless ... can you help? I feel anxious ... can you help?

Want to download a sample LifeHelp guide? Click here.

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Thank you so much for all your help. I feel such at peace knowing how great God is.
Anka Baah
Got the answers I was looking for and made choosing painless.
Travis Tobel